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Product Description: Cycads have been around since the Late Permian. During this time they have retained seemingly unchanged features, yet they have evolved unique characteristics that science continues to uncover. As the discoveries keep coming, medicine and agriculture find new applications for what cycads have to offer, lending to their status as an irreplaceable group within the world's diverse plant more


9780893275150 | 1 edition (New York Botanical Garden Pr Dept, November 2, 2012), cover price $95.00 | About this edition: Cycads have been around since the Late Permian.


9781405126793 | Pap/cdr edition (Blackwell Pub, March 21, 2008), cover price $78.10


9781444300468 | Blackwell Pub, February 9, 2009, cover price $59.95

By Scott V. Heald (editor), Andrew Henderson (editor), Scott A. Mori (editor), Nathan P. Smith (editor) and Dennis Wm Stevenson (editor)


9780691116945 | Princeton Univ Pr, December 15, 2003, cover price $105.00

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