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This site provides unbiased price comparisons among over a dozen online stores that are either booksellers, auction sites, used book dealer networks, or a combination of two or three. We retrieve prices that are as timely as each bookselling site allows, and display them in order of lowest price to highest price. Price results show the lowest price, whether new or used, if a bookstore offers both new and used books. was originally designed as a proof of concept for simplifying URLs and information structure around books. Over time, it has evolved into a way to find the book you're looking for without knowing an ISBN or concerning yourself about which edition you need to find— lists all editions for a given work, such as hardcover, paperbook, and large type formats, whenever you view a given title.

We accept no promotional fees for placement. We do include extra information for some bookstores, such as first editions and signed copies, and may provide links to other searches at stores when we find no price results for a given book. We make our money by using affiliate links; we're only paid when someone purchases a book that results from the end of a journey that starts here. is designed for manual, individual use. We reserve the right to block access to any computer or system that makes large numbers of requests over short periods of time. For a variety of reasons, we cannot allow our site to be used as a large-scale research tool; there are tools one can license for that purpose from other firms.

About the Owner
The owner of this site is Glenn Fleishman, a freelance journalist and programmer. For more about him and his other projects, consult his Web site.