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Ready for her big debut in the spotlight, Eloise leaves the Plaza and heads for Hollywood to make her dreams of stardom come true, in a colorfully illustrated addition to the list of Eloise books. 150,000 first printing. $200,000 ad/promo.

School and Library:

9780689842894 | Simon & Schuster, October 24, 2006, cover price $18.99 | About this edition: Eloise in her own inimitable style takes Hollywood by storm.

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When the adults of Retroville are abducted by aliens from the planet Yolkus, Jimmy Neutron and his friends set out to rescue them.


9780613439350 | Mti edition (Turtleback Books, August 1, 2001), cover price $13.40 | About this edition: Jimmy Neutron, a boy genius who travels in outer space in a homemade rocket, discovers that his parents, along with all of Retroville's adults, have been kidnapped by aliens, and must figure out a way to rescue them.

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When Chuckie meets the princess of Reptarland, he thinks he has found an answer to his prayers in finding the perfect mom, yet convincing his dad to marry her will be an entirely different matter.


9780689833366 | Simon Spotlight, September 1, 2000, cover price $3.50 | About this edition: Chuckie is excited.

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