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Wildland Recreation An authoritative guide to managing the ecological impacts of recreational activities on natural resources. The challenges facing today's recreation resource managers are both complex and daunting. Accommodating rapidly growing numbers of recreational visitors without sacrificing the ecological integrity of wildlands is a major challenge. Determining and planning for the limits of acceptable change and expanding services with little or no growth in natural resources or funding are major issues. Wildland Recreation, Second Edition provides solutions to these and other crucial recreational resource problems. Based upon its authors' extensive firsthand experience as well as their exhaustive review of the world literature on the subject, it provides up-to-date, detailed coverage of today's wildland recreation management issues, including: * Ecological impacts of recreational activities on wildland resources * Spatial and temporal patterns of recreational impacts * Environmental durability, visitor use, and other key factors * The limits of acceptable change, long-term monitoring, and impacts on wildlife * Social and economic factors associated with managing impacts * Alternative approaches to wildland recreation resource management * Recent trends in satisfying increased demand for outdoor recreational opportunities * International perspectives on recreational wildland management and ecotourism Like its best-selling predecessor, Wildland Recreation, Second Edition is a valuable working resource for wildland recreation management professionals and a comprehensive course text for students of forest and natural resources recreation, park management, environmental conservation, and related disciplines.


9780471194613 | 2 sub edition (John Wiley & Sons Inc, September 1, 1998), cover price $233.95 | About this edition: Wildland Recreation An authoritative guide to managing the ecological impacts of recreational activities on natural resources.
9780471872917 | John Wiley & Sons Inc, February 1, 1987, cover price $79.95 | also contains Die Haftung Des Steuerberaters: Richtig Handeln Und Haftung Vermeiden | About this edition: Thoroughly examines the impact of recreational use of backcountry wilderness and large parklands and how their adverse consequences can be limited in places where recreation and preservation of natural conditions are equally important--and often conflicting--objectives.


9781118397008 | 3 edition (Blackwell Pub, April 20, 2015), cover price $82.95

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Product Description: Book by Noe, Francis P.


9780943475004 | Natl Park Service, May 1, 1988, cover price $10.00 | About this edition: Book by Noe, Francis P.

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