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Tables of Contents for Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
Page Count
Introduction and Basic Definitions
Preliminary Considerations
Definitions of Terms
What Examination of a Document May Reveal
Instruments and Materials Used to Prepare Documents
Alterations in Documents
Damaged Documents
Accidental Markings and Impressions on a Document
Additional Clues for the Investigator
Discovery of Facts by Comparison with Known Material
Identification of Handwriting
Identification of Signatures and Detection of Forgery
Identification of Handlettering and Numerals
Typewriting Identification
Other Mechanical Impressions, Including Check Writers and Printing Identifications
Age of a Document
The Attorney-Investigator's Role in a Questioned Document Problem
Preparation and Collection of Handwriting Standards
Typewriting Standards
Care, Handling, and Preservation of Documents
Reproduction of Documents
The Document Problem Goes to Court
Preparation for Trial
In the Court Room