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Tables of Contents for Professional Apache Tomcat 5
Chapter/Section Title
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1. Humble Beginnings: The Apache Project.
2. First Came CGI.
3. Installing the Java Virtual Machine.
4. Tomcat Architecture.
5. Tomcat 5 Configuration Essentials.
6. The Contents of a Web Application.
7. Sample Web Application.
8. Valves—Interception Tomcat Style.
9. Class Loader Overview.
10. HTTP Connectors.
11. Reasons for Using a Web Server.
12. Introducing the JK2 Connector.
13. Role of the ISAPI Filter.
14. JDBC Basics.
15. Securing the Tomcat Installation.
16. Virtual Hosting.
17. The Importance of Load Testing.
18. The Requirement to Be Manageable.
19. Clustering Benefits.
20. Importance of Embedded Tomcat in Modern System Design.