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Tables of Contents for Daddies and Daughters
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Section One: It's a Girl!

Make Room for Daddy You Showed Up Early Your Mother Was Awesome Anxious Moments It Broke My Heart to Miss Your Birth Picking Your Name Daddy-Daughter Bonding Dreams I Had for My Little Girl

Section Two: Daddy's Girl

I Knew She'd Be a Handful When The Value of Values Accidents and Illnesses School Days $$$$$ Summer Camps and Leaving Dad Behind Our Special Time Together Daddy, the Disciplinarian? You Should See My Daughter, the Athlete! What Do You Mean, You Want a Cat? And Other Pet Stories My Dad Isn't Perfect, But That's Okay Oh, No. She's Behind the Wheel! Dad to the Rescue! "Not With My Daughter, You Won't" and Other Boy-Related Dramas Where Is the Little Girl I Once Knew?

Section Three: Adult to Adult

How My Dad Influenced My Choice of Career Squaring Off With Dad He Could Always Make Me Laugh "Dad, There's Another Man in My Life" The Day of the Wedding "She's a Mother and I'm a What...Granddad?" A Chip Off the Ol' Block I Knew I Could Always Count on Him He Taught Me Everything I Know About... He Taught Me to Care My Daughter, My Teacher

Section Four: Troubles and Triumphs

Why Did He Leave Us? We Didn't See Him Much It Would Have Been Better If Reconciliation I'll Always Miss Him

Epilogue: Legacy of Love

What I Want the World to Know About My Dad

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