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Tables of Contents for Applied Industrial Economics
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Part I. Market Structure: 1. Game theory and industry studies: an introductory overview J. Sutton
2. Game-theoretic models of market concentration: sunk costs and market structure - a review article R. Schmalensee
3. Expanding markets: capacity expansion in titanium dioxide P. Ghemawat
4. Declining markets: the devolution of declining industries P. Ghemawat and B. Nalebuff
5. Empirical evidence: exit from declining industries - 'shakeout' or 'stakeout' M. B. Lieberman
Part II. Industrial Pricing and Pricing Schemes: 6. Inter-temporal pricing schemes: experimental tests of consciously parallel behaviour in oligopoly R. Harstard, S. Martin and H.-T. Normann
7. Spatial pricing schemes: on the strategic choice of spatial price policy J.-F. Thisse and X. Vives
8. Best-price policies: facilitating practices - the effects of advance notice and best-price policies C. A. Holt and D. T. Scheffman
9. Vertical pricing schemes: vertical restraints and producers' competition P. Rey and J. Stiglitz
10. Price discrimination in a common market: international price discrimination in the European car market F. Verboven
11. Tacit collusion: inter-firm rivalry in a repeated game - an empirical test of tacit collusion M. E. Slade
12. Tacit collusion: collusive equilibrium in the great salt duopoly R. Rees
Part III. Competition Policy: 13. Collusion and predation: on the detection of collusion and predation L. Philips
14. Vertical restraints: vertical restraints in European competition policy J. A. Kay
15. Franchising agreements: economic assessment of competition law provisions applicable to franchising The OECD 16. Joint R and D ventures: cooperative and noncooperative R and D in duopoly in spillovers C. d'Aspremont and A. Jacquemin
Part IV. Mergers and Merger Control: 17. Unprofitable exogenous mergers: losses from horizontal merger - the effects of exogenous change in industry structure on Cournot-Nash equilibrium S. W. Salmant, S. Switzer, and R. J. Reynolds
18. Profitable horizontal mergers and welfare: horizontal mergers - an equilibrium analysis J. Farrell and C. Shapiro
19. Using the Herfindahl-Hirschman index: horizontal mergers - comment G. J. Werden
20. Cournot and merger control: horizontal mergers - reply J. Farrell and C. Shapiro
21.Vertical mergers: vertical mergers in multi-product industries and Edgeworth's paradox of taxation M. A. Salinger
22. Enforcement of the US merger guidelines: empirical evidence on FTC enforcement of the merger guidelines M. B. Coate and F. S. McChesney
23. Enforcement of the European merger regulation: the merger decisions of the European Commission D. Neven, R. Nuttall and P. Seabright.