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Tables of Contents for Cultures of Natural History
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Introduction: 1. The natures of cultural history Nicholas Jardine and Emma Spary
Part I. Curiosity, Erudition and Utility: 2. Emblematic natural history William B. Ashworth Jr
3. The culture of gardens Andrew Cunningham
4. Courting nature Paula Findlen
5. The culture of curiosity Katie Whitaker
6. Physicians and natural history Harold J. Cook
7. Natural history as print culture Adrian Johns
Part II. Virtuosity, Improvement and Sensibility: 8. Natural history in the academies Daniel Roche
9. Carl Linnaeus and his time and place Lisbet Koerner
10. Gender in natural history Londa Schiebinger
11. Political natural and bodily economics Emma Spary
12. The science of man Paul B. Wood
13. The natural history of the earth Martin Guntau
14. Naturphilosophie and the kingdoms of nature Nicholas Jardine
Part III. Discipline, Discovery and Display: 15. New spaces in natural history Dorinda Outram
16. Minerals strata and fossils Martin Rudwick
17. Humboldtian science Michael Dettelbach
18. Biogeography and empire Janet Browne
19. Travelling the other way Gillian Beer
20. Ethological encounters Michael T. Bravo
21. Equipment for the field Anne Larsen
22. Artisan botany Anne Secord
23. Tastes and crazes David Allen
24. Nature for the people Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent and Jean-Marc Drouin
25. Natural history and the 'new' biology Lynn K. Nyhart
Epilogue: 26. The crisis of nature James A. Secord.