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Tables of Contents for True To Life Elementary Personal Study Audio Cd
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
Page Count
1 Finding out
2 What have you got?
3 What would you like to eat?
4 A sense of colour
5 Good habits, new routines?
6 The way you look
7 What can we do? 8 Love it or hate it!
9 Those were the days
10 Once upon a time
11 What's going on?
12 Making plans
13 Better and better
14 A spirit of adventure
15 Does being tidy save time?
16 Our neighbourhood
17 It's worth doing well
18 On your travels
19 A look at life
20 I'm so sorry!
21 All you need is love ... or money
22 The right climate? 23 Celebrations
24 Looking ahead.