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Tables of Contents for Error-Controlled Adaptive Finite Elements in Solid Mechanics Chanics
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Introduction (E. Stein).
Error Estimation and Adaptive Mesh Design for FE Models in Elasto-Plasticity Theory (R. Rannacher and F. Suttmeier).
Adaptive FEM for Elasto-plastic Deformations (E. Stein and M. Schmidt).
Numerical Simulation of Localization Phenomena in Geomechanics by Entended Continuum Formulations (W. Wunderlich, et al.).
Adaptive Methods for Contact Problems (A. Rieger, et al.).
An Adaptive Boundary Element Method for Contact Problems (C. Eck, et al.).
Goal-Oriented Error Estimation in Solid Mechanics (H. Steeb, et al.).
The p-version of the Finite Element Method for Structural Problems (E. Rank, et al.).
Adaptive Analysis of Plate and Shell Structures Under Transient Loading (K. Schweizerhof, et al.).
The Application of Adaptive Parallel Multigrid Methods to Problems in Nonlinear Solid Mechanics (S. Lang, et al.).
Benchmarks (E. Stein, et al.).