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Tables of Contents for Why Do Buses Come in Threes?
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Why Can't I Find a Four-leafed Clover?: Links between Nature and Mathematics.
Which Way Should I Go?: From Postmen to Taxi Drivers.
How Many People Watch Friends?: Most Public Statistics Come from Surveys, But How Reliable are They?
Why Do Clever People Get Things Wrong?: Sometimes Experience and Intelligence Can Be a Disadvantage.
What's the Best Bet?: Lotteries, Horses and Casinos All Offer the Chance of a Big Prize.
How Do You Explain a Coincidence?: Coincidences Aren't as Surprising as You Would Think.
What's the Best View of the Statue of Liberty?: Everyday Geometries, from Snooker to Statues.
How Do You Keep a Secret?: Code-making and Breaking Isn't Just for Spies.
Why Do Buses Come in Threes?: Travelling without a Car Leads to All Sorts of Conundrums.
What's the Best Way to Cut a Cake?: Why Four O'Clock Can Be the Time for Some Mathematical Headaches.
How Can I Win without Cheating?: Almost Everything in Life Can Be Analysed as a Game.
Who's the Best Player in the World?: The Mathematics Behind Sports Rankings.
What Happened to Chapter 13?: Can Bad Luck Be Explained?
Whodunnit?: Everyday Logic, From Murder Mysteries to Political Statistics.
Why Am I Always in Traffic Jams?: Motorways, Escalators and Supermarkets All Have One Thing in Common: Queues.
Why are Showers Always Too Hot or Cold?: From Squealing Microphones to Population Explosions.
How Can I Get the Meal Ready on Time?: Critical Paths and Other Scheduling Problems.
How Can I Entertain the Kids?: Numbers Can Be Magic.