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Tables of Contents for Enduring Western Civilization
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A Genealogy of "Western Civilization"
Greece: Aryan or Mediterranean? Two Contending Historiographical Models by Martin Bernal
On the Scottish Origin of Civilization by George C. Caffentzis
True West: The Changing Idea of the West from the 1880s to the 1920s by Chris GoGwilt
The God that Never Failed: The Origins and Crises of Western Civilization by Silvia Federici
Satirical Appendix: Oedipus and the Coup by Sol Yurick
One or Many Civilizations?
Mathematics and Eurocentrism by George Gheverghese Joseph
Orientalism, Political Economy, and the Canonization of Indian Civilization by John Roosa
African Languages and European Linquistic Imperialism by Alamin Mazrui
They Came Before the Egyptians: Linguistic Evidence for the African Roots of Semitic Languages by Nicolas Faraclas