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Tables of Contents for The Economy of Bangladesh
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Nationalization Versus Privatization: The Debate and the Course We Are Taking by Alema Karim
Social Frictions, Social Dynamics, and Economic Development: Some Experiences of Bangladesh by Masudul Alam Choudhury and Abu N. M. Wahid
Democracy, Economic Development, and Civil-Military Relations in Bangladesh by Choudhury M. Shamim
Liberal Human Capital Production and the Dilemma of Manpower Planning by Saud A. Choudhry
Inefficiency in Forest Resource Management and Its Environmental Repercussions in Bangladesh by Amin U. Sarkar
Financial Repression in Economic Development: A Test of the McKinnon-Shaw Hypothesis for Bangladesh by M. Kabir Hassan
Challenges of Monetary Policy in an Economy with a Dual Money Market: The Experience of Bangladesh by Syed M. Ahmed and M. M. Kabir
Monetary Policy, Output, and Inflation in Bangladesh: A Dynamic Analysis by Abdur R. Chowdhury, Minh Q. Dao, and Abu N. M. Wahid
The Fiscal Policy of Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis of Its Budgetary Balance and Foreign Dependence by Muhammad Q. Islam and Abu N. M. Wahid
Real Exchange Rate in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis by Asif Dowla
Macroeconomic Implications of International Migration: The Case of Bangladesh by Matiur Rahman
The Export Garment Industry in Bangladesh: A Potential Catalyst for Breakthrough by Anisul M. Islam, Mumir Quddus, and Farid U. Ahmed
The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh: A Socioeconomic Development Initiative by M. Moosa Khan
Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh: Evidence and Policies by Muhammad Mazharul Islam
Export-Growth Nexus in a Small Open Economy: The Bangladesh Experience by Muhammad N. Islam and M. Iftekharuzzaman
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