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Tables of Contents for How to Do Everything With Html
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Part I: HTML Basics: Everything You Need to Build a Website.

Chapter 1: Get Your Feet Wet with HTML.

Chapter 2: Add Text and Create Lists.

Chapter 3: Position and Modify Fonts.

Chapter 4: Introducing Color Sensibly Into Your Pages.

Chapter 5: All About Links.

Chapter 6: Add Images to Spice Up Your Presentation.

Chapter 7: Plan, Publish and Promote Your Site.

Part II: Add Style to Your Site.

Chapter 8: Use Tables for Better Layout Control.

Chapter 9: Apply Frames for Multiple Page Display.

Chapter 10: Build Consistency with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Part III: Bells and Whistles to Adorn Your Site.

Chapter 11: Enhance Your Pages with Audio and Video.

Chapter 12: Make Your Pages Come Alive with GIF Animations.

Chapter 13: All About Image Maps.

Chapter 14: Add Interactivity with Forms.

Chapter 15: Improve Interactivity with Forms.

Chapter 16: Liven Up Your Site w/DHTML & Java.

Chapter 17: The Finishing Touches for Your Site.

Chapter 18: Experience the Future with XML.