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Living her days as a bird and her nights as a beautiful woman, Odette, the graceful, bewitched Swan Queen, falls deeply in love with a handsome prince

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9780823403561 | Holiday House, April 1, 1980, cover price $10.95 | About this edition: A prince's love for a swan queen is thwarted by an evil sorcerer in this fairy tale adaptation of the classic ballet.

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When a little girl's efforts to cheer up her mother are unsuccessful, she impulsively hugs her and discovers that hugging is sometimes the best cure for sadness


9780060265441 | Harpercollins, March 1, 1979, cover price $11.89 | About this edition: A little girl tries to cheer up her sad mother.

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A princess whose radiant beauty blinds her and all who look upon her finds only one man willing to submit to her test for suitors--the court fool.

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9780823403295 | Holiday House, August 1, 1978, cover price $7.95 | About this edition: A beautiful princess who is totally blind and doubts the sincerity of her many suitors finds only one man worthy of her love--the Court Fool

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