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For courses in UNIX Programming (Tc/Tk, Shells, and Perl). Python Essential Reference is a definitive guide to the Python programming language. Designed for programmers and students, it covers the core language, more than 100 modules in the standard library, and the extension building techniques used to integrate Python with programs written in C and C++. Coverage expands upon and clarifies existing Python documentation-especially for advanced topics including operating system interfaces, threads, and network programming. Concise, to the point, and extensively indexed, students will find this volume packed with information not previously available in any other single reference source.


9780672329784 | 4th edition (Pearson P T R, July 7, 2009), cover price $49.99
9780735710917 | 2nd edition (Sams, June 1, 2001), cover price $34.99
9780735709010 | New Riders Pub, October 1, 1999, cover price $34.95 | About this edition: For courses in UNIX Programming (Tc/Tk, Shells, and Perl).

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