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Tables of Contents for Preventing Financial Chaos
Chapter/Section Title
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How to Use This Book
About the Authors
Summary of Contents
Detailed Contents of Main Text
Background: The Three Pillars of a Strong Financial System
A Strong Central Bank
Bank Supervision --- Preventing Problems in the Banking System
``Exit Policy'' --- Resolving Problems in the Banking System
Handling Problem Banks: Taking Enforcement and Remedial Measures Before Insolvency Strikes
Legal Framework
Operational Aspects of Enforcement and Remedial Measures
Causes, Definitions, and Resolution of Bank Insolvency
Basic Causes of Insolvency
Liquidity-Based Insolvency
Book Insolvency
Alternative Resolutions for an Insolvent Bank
Takeover (Closing) of the Insolvent Bank
Preparation Duties of Inspectors
Carrying Out the Closing
Receivership and Resolution
Legal Framework --- Aims, Grounds, Qualifications, Effects
Interim Arrangements and Bridge Banks
Purchase-and-Assumption Transactions
Liquidation and Distribution of Proceeds
Concluding the Receivership
Sample Forms
Appendix A-1: Sample Rehabilitation Plan and Order
Appendix A-2: Sample Memorandum Reporting on Meeting with Board of Directors of a Bank in Imminent Danger of Insolvency
Appendix A-3: Sample Bank History
Appendix A-4: Sample Affidavit Supporting Takewover of a Bank
Appendix A-5: Sample Chronology of Significant Events
Appendix A-6: Sample Notification Letter
Appendix A-7: Sample Press Release
Appendix A-8: Sample of Comments to Employees
Appendix A-9: Sample Authorization Letter
Appendix A-10: The Bidding Process
Legal Provisions
Appendix B-1: Model Banking Law Outline
Appendix B-2: Model Banking Law Provision on Penalties and Remedial Measures Before Insolvency Occurs
Appendix B-3: Model Banking Law Provisions on Receivership
Appendix B-4: Model Outline of Regulation on Bank Supervision
Other Materials
Appendix C-1: Basle Core Principles (on banking supervision)
Appendix C-2: Basle Committee Definitions of Capital
Appendix C-3: Dealing with a Liquidity Crisis
Appendix C-4: Chart on Book Insolvency
Appendix C-5: Operational Reform and Integrity
Appendix C-6: Suggested Structure of a Deposit Insurance System