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Tables of Contents for Called by God
Chapter/Section Title
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Abraham father of many nations*
Isaac bearer of the covenant*
Jacob whose name is Israel*
Joseph the dreamer*
Moses leader of the Exodus*
Joshua victorious general
Deborah and Barak freedom fighters
Gideon saviour of his country
Samson man of strength
Ruth a woman of love and loyalty
Samuel, prophet and king maker
David, founder of a dynasty*
Solomon the wise*
Elijah the prophet*
Elisha the prophet*
Amos the prophet
Hosea the prophet
Isaiah of Jerusalem
The unknown Isaiah
Jeremiah the prophet
Ezekiel the prophet*
Haggai the prophet
Zechariah the prophet
Ezra, man of God
Nehemiah, great leader
Esther, Jewish queen in Persia
Job, a righteous man*
Habakkuk the prophet
Jonah the prophet*
Daniel, prophet and sage
Malachi the prophet