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Tables of Contents for Culture and Memory in Medieval Islam
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Introduction--Josef W. Meri
Bibliography of the Works of Wilferd Madelung--Farhad Daftary
Part I: The Transmission of Knowledge
Universities: Past and Present--George Makdisi
The ijaza from Abd Allah b. Iali al-Samahiji (d. 1135/1722) to Nabir al-Jarudi al-Qanifi (d. 1164/1750-51). A Source for the Twelver Shiite Scholarly Tradition of Ba’rayn--Sabine Schmidtke
Between Qum and the West: The Occultation according to Early Islamic Sources--Andrew J. Newman
Memory and Maps Emilie Savage-Smith
Abu ayyan al-Taw idi: A Sunni Voice in the Shii Century--Wadad al-Qaai
Part II: Memorializing, Remembering and Forgetting
Bal’ami’s Account of Early Islamic History--Elton J. Daniel
Say It Again and Make Me Your Slave: Notes on al-Daylam’s Seventh Sign of Man’s Love of God--Joseph Norment Bell
Lists, Memory and Enquiry: Ibn Qutayba and Muhammad ibn Habib--Julia Bray
Wa’iz Kashfi’s ‘Garden of the Martyrs’ and the Subtext to the Portrayal of the Iman Husain in the Shii Martyrdom Narrative of the Late Timurid Period Abbas Amanat
Part III: Commemorating Rulers, Dynasties and Conquests
The Legitimation of Power in Samanid and Buyid Iran--Luke Treadwell
The Beginning of the Ismaili Dawa and the Establishment of the Fanimid Dynasty as Commemorated by al-Qaai al-Numan--Ismail K. Poonawala
Religious Identity, Dissimulation and Collective Memory: The Ismaili Context--Farhad Daftary
Purloined Symbols of the Past: The Theft of Souvenirs and Sacred Relics in the Rivalry Between the Abbasids and Fatimids--Paul E. Walker
Conceptions of Authority and the Transition of Shiism from Sectarian to National Religion in Iran--Said Amir Arjomand