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Tables of Contents for Anthropology and the United States Military
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Foreword--John P. Hawkins
Introduction--Margaret C. Harrell
Peacekeeper and Politics: Experience and Political Representation Among United States Military Officers--Robert Rubenstein
Anthrax Vaccines: Medical Risks and the Volunteer Army--Jeanne Guillemin
Guardians of the Golden Age: Custodians of U.S. Military Culture--Pamela R. Frese
Gender Roles and Class Among Current Army Spouses--Margaret C. Harrell
Weight Control and Physical Readiness Among Navy Personnel--Joshua Linford-Steinfeld
The Military Advisor as Warrior-King, and Other "Going Native" Temptations--Anna Simons
Integrating Diversity and Understanding the Other: Cultural Studies at the U.S. Naval Academy--Clementine Fujimura
Conclusion: Anthropology and the U.S. Military--Pamela R. Frese