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Tables of Contents for Celebrations of Identity
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Foreword by Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney
Introduction by Pamela R. Frese
Observing Meaning: Ritual Criticism, Interpretation, and Anthropological Fieldwork by Madeline Duntley
American Eskimos Celebrate the Whale: Structural Dichotomies and Spirit Identities Among the Inupiat of Alaska by Edith Turner
Sauerkraut and Souvlakia: Ethnic Festivals as Performances of Identity by John M. Coggeshall
Individual and Community in a Protestant Symbolic World: Presbyterian Belief, Ritual, and Experience in the American South by Gwen Kennedy Neville
The Ritual of Testifying in the Black Church by Jon Michael Spencer
Powwows, Parades, and Social Drama Among the Waccamaw Sioux by Patricia B. Lerch
Anglo-American Mortuary Complex and Cultural Heritage by Pamela R. Frese
Ritual Cycles of Exchange: The Process of Cultural Creation and Management in the U.S. Borderlands by Carlos G. Velez Ibanez
Ethnic Celebrations in Rural California: Punjabi-Mexicans and Others by Karen Leonard
Fishing and Drinking in Kodiak by Rachel Mason
Coronation in San Antonio: Class, Family, and the Individual by Michaele Thurgood Haynes
The Ritual Cycle of the American Monarch by J.R. McLeod
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