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Tables of Contents for Transcending Boundaries
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Gender Constructions in Science by Mark Weaver, Claudia Thompson, and Susan Newton
The Plot of Gender: The How-To Romance of Pride and Prejudice by Susan Jaret McKinstry
The Image of the Word: The Representation of Books in Medieval Iconography by Maryann E. Brink
Patriarchy and Male Oppression: Suffering the Responsibilities of Manhood by Karen Taylor
Economic Methodology and Gender Roles by Barbara S. Burnell
Those Who Surrender are Female: Prisoner Gender Identities as Cultural Mirror by John M. Coggeshall
The Union of Nature and Culture: Gender Symbolism in American Wedding Ritual by Pamela Frese
Beyond the Language and Memory of the Fathers: Feminist Perspectives in Religious Studies by Elizabeth Castelli and James McBride
The Emergence of New Voices: Women in Architecture by N. Jane Hurt
Art and Artist as Mediators and Creators of Paradox by Margaret Ford