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Tables of Contents for The Complete Ar-15/M16 Sourcebook
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
Page Count
Chapter 1: Beginnings
Chapter 2: Colt Firearms
Chapter 3: Failures, Problems, and Solutions
Chapter 4: Colt's AR-15 Variations
Chapter 5: Grenades, Launchers, Ammunition, Miscellany
Chapter 6: Armalite Rises Again
Chapter 7: Bushmaster
Chapter 8: Innovations, Spinoffs, and Copycats
Chapter 9: Replacing the Warhorse
Chapter 10: Operation of the AR-15
Chapter 11: Cleaning and Disassembly of the AR-15
Chapter 12: Assembling the AR-15
Chapter 13: Accessories for the AR-15
Chapter 14: Selective-Fire Conversions
Chapter 15: Troubleshooting the AR-15