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Tables of Contents for Designing Innovations in Industrial Logistics Modelling
Chapter/Section Title
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Problems and Trends in the Design of Innovation Programs in Logistics
Research Perspectives in Industrial Logistics Design, A. Villa and M. Bielli
Time-Based Approach in Designing and Validating Order Bound Logistics Systems, M. Luhtala and E. Eloranta
The Factory in Triplicate, M. Lucertini and D. Telmon
Models and Tools for Designing Innovations in Logistics
An Optimal Decision Rule for Reallocation of Experts, U. Belhe and A. Kusiak
Petri-Net Models for Logistic Planning, H.J. Bullinger and F. Wagner
On Solving Stochastic Production Planning Problems via Scenario Modeling, L.F. Escudero and P.V. Kamesan
Case Studies
Development of a Design Methodology for Tool Logistic Systems in Flexible Manufacturing, M. Calderini, M. Cantamessa, and V. Nicol=
A Project for a Logistic Integrated Network for Decisions Enhancement (LINDEN), W. Ukovich, M. Crasnich, and F. Zanetti
An Integrated Approach to Design Innovation in Industrial Logistics, M. Crasnich, C. Lanza, and A. Merli
A Conceptual Model for One of a Kind and Batch Production, A. Rolstadss and J.O. Strandhagen
Information Technologies for Managing and Promoting Innovations in Logistics
Managing the Use of Information Technology to Promote Process Innovation, E. Tse
Managing Innovation in CIM Environments, S. Bansal