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Tables of Contents for Systems Modelling and Optimization
Chapter/Section Title
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Distributed Parameter Systems
Control of Turbulent Flows
On Superstability of Semigroups
Stability of C0 -Semigroups and Stabilization of Linear Control Systems
A New Regularity Result in Transonic Gas Dynamics
On Some Equations about European Option Pricing
Hidden Shape Derivative in the Wave Equation
Hidden Boundary Smoothness in Hyperbolic Tangential Problems on Nonsmooth Domains
The Dam Problem: Safety Factor and Shape Optimization
Stability, Observers, and Compensators for Discrete-Time Delay Systems
Shape Control of Elastic Plates
Optimal Control and Nonsmooth Analysis
On Ritz Type Discretizations for Optimal Control Problems
Nontrivial Maximum Principle for Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints
Abundant Subsets of Generalized Control Systems
Minimax Linear-Quadratic Controller Design
High-Order Approximations for Abnormal Bang-Bang Extremals
Directed Sets and Differences of Convex Compact Sets
Open-Loop Nash Equilibrium for Nonlinear Control Systems
Relaxed Minimax Optimal Control Problems. Infinite Horizon Case
Conjugate Points for Optimal Control Problems with State-Dependent Control Constraints
On Sufficient Conditions for a Strong Local Minimum of Broken Extremals in Optimal Control
Dynamical System with State Constraints: Theory and Applications
On Variational Analysis in Infinite Dimensions
L1-Closed Decomposable Sets in L*
Characterizations of Weak Sharp Minima of Order One in Nonlinear Programming
Second-Order Necessary Conditions in Nonsmooth Programming
Upper H÷lder Continuity of Inverse Subdifferentials and the Proximal Point Algorithm
Optimization and Operations Research
Optimization Models and Algorithms of Constructing Reliable Networks
Higher Order Methods for Solving Sufficient Linear Complementarity Problems
A Linear Time Approximation Algorithm for a Storage Allocation Problem
General Framework in Analyzing Mobile Terminal Tracking Protocols
Risk Sensitive Optimal Control of Wear Processes: the Vector Case
Deadlock in Manufacturing Systems: Application of its Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
Failure-Prone Production Systems with Uncertain Demand
Transient Distribution of Cumulative Rate and Impulse Based Reward with Applications
Reliability Based Optimization of Passive Fire Protection on Offshore Topsides
Evaluation of the Quality of an Option Compared to its Alternatives
Control Charts for Monitoring the Mean of a Multivariate Normal Distribution
A General and Simple Approach to Economic Process Control
Sequential Change Point Detection and Estimation for Multiple Alternative Hypothesis
Modelling Methodologies for Modelling Environments
An Advanced Modelling Environment Based on a Hybrid AI-OR Approach
Interactive Fuzzy Modelling System
Rule-Based Design and 2D-Analysis of a Hybrid System
A Mathematical Model for Control of Flexible Robot Arms
Identification of Powertrain Noise in a Low SNR Environment Using Synchronous Time Averaging
Hot Wire Mass Air Flow Sensor Modelling and Lag Compensation
Dynamic Clustering Technique with Application to Onboard Traffic Monitoring
Modelling of Currents in a Zirconium Oxygen Sensor
Issue in Modelling and Control of Intake Flow in Variable Geometry Turbocharged Engines
Robust Controller Based on Smith Predictor for an Electric EGR Valve Control System
Robust Controller Design for a VTOL Plane
Optimal Control of Failure Prone Manufacturing Systems with Corrective Maintenance
Generation and Analysis of a Non-Linear Optimization Problem: European Ozone Model Case Study
Adaptive Stochastic Path Planning for Robots-Real Time optimization by Means of Neural Networks
Control of Molecular Dynamics