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Tables of Contents for The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork
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The Law of Significance
One Is Too Small a Number to Achieve Greatness
What's your dream? Lilly Tartikoff's is to cure cancer. She's not a scientist---not does she need to be. All she needs to know is the Law of Significance
The Law of the Big Picture
The Goal Is More Important Than the Role
What would prompt a former U.S. president to go cross-country by bus, sleep in a basement, and do manual labor for a week? The answer can be found in the Law of the Big Picture
The Law of the Niche
All Players Have a Place Where They Add the Most Value
If you were the leader of the free world, how would you decide what job to give the person who's capable of doing any job---including yours? If you wanted everyone to win, you'd use the Law of the Niche
The Law of Mount Everest
As the Challenge Escalates, the Need for Teamwork Elevates
Tenzing Norgay and Maurice Wilson were experienced climbers with the right equipment. So why did one man die on the mountain while the other conquered it? Only one knew the Law of Mount Everest
The Law of the Chain
The Strength of the Team Is Impacted by Its Weakest Link
Does it matter if thousands of your employees are doing a great job and only one person makes a wrong turn? Just ask the company that paid more than $3 billion in damages and was bound by the Law of the Chain
The Law of the Catalyst
Winning Teams Have Players Who Make Things Happen
What do you do if December 31 is rapidly approaching and your salespeople are hopelessly behind on their goal for the year? Dave Sutherland can tell you. His team made its goal because he's always lived by the Law of the Catalyst
The Law of the Compass
Vision Gives Team Members Direction and Confidence
The president of Enron learned about the company's multimilliondollar venture to go on-line only two months before the launch, and it didn't bother him a bit. Why? Because he and his team were reaping the benefits of the Law of the Compass
The Law of the Bad Apple
Rotten Attitudes Ruin a Team
They were expected to crush the competition. They had the talent and the ambition to win. But instead of dominating, they selfdestructed. If only they'd known about the Law of the Bad Apple
The Law of Countability
Teamates Must Be Able to Count on Each Other When It Counts
Maybe people don't die in your organization when somebody drops the ball. But it can happen to people in this family business. That's why the Law of Countability is so important to them
The Law of the Price Tag
The Team Fails to Reach Its Potential When Its Fails to Pay the Price
The company could have been the world's largest retailer. Instead it was forced to close its doors after 128 years of business. Why? The leaders were paying for ignoring the Law of the Price Tag
The Law of the Scoreboard
The Team Can Make Adjustments When It Knows Where It Stands
Thousands of Web-based companies have failed. Many ``successful'' ones are still waiting to make a profit. Yet this company keeps winning and growing and making money! Why? Because it has always played by the Law of the Scoreboard
The Law of The Bench
Great Teams Have Great Depth
Who is usually an organization's MVP? The CEO? The chairman? The top salesperson? Would you believe it might be someone from HR? You would if you knew the Law of the Bench
The Law of Identity
Shared Values Define the Team
How do you get thousands of people excited about working in warehouses, wearing bright orange, and catering to the customer's every need? Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank did it by building their company's foundation on the Law of Identity
The Law of Communication
Interaction Fuels Action
The team had ten leaders in ten years. Employees were burned out and bitter, and the company was bleeding cash. So how was Gordon Bethune going to save this last-place airline from crashing? He started by using the Law of Communication
The Law of the Edge
The Difference Between Two Equally Talented Teams Is Leadership
The team had major problems. The participants had everything they needed to go the distance---talent, support, resources---everything but the most important thing. Their only hope for turning things around was someone who fulfilled the Law of the Edge
The Law of High Morale
When You're Winning, Nothing Hurts
What would prompt a fifty-year-old man who couldn't even swim to endure the pain of training for the toughest triathlon in the world? No, it wasn't a midlife crisis. It was the Law of High Morale
The Law of Dividends
Investing in the Team Compounds Over Time
Have you ever been tricked into taking a job? Morgan Wootten was, and as a result, he has changed the lives of thousands of kids. His life of giving will teach you everything you need to know about the Law of Dividends