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Tables of Contents for Psychological Testing and Assessment
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1.Psychological Testing and Assessment / Testing and Assessment / Who, What, and Why? / Evaluating the Quality of Tests / Close-Up Error of Measurement and the True Score Model / Everyday Psychometrics Putting Tests to the Test / Self-Assessment /

2. Historical, Cultural, and Legal/Ethical Considerations / An Historical Perspective / Culture and Assessment / Legal and Ethical Considerations / Close-Up Life or Death Psychological Assessment / Everyday Psychometrics Expert Testimony / Self-Assessment


3. A Statistics Refresher / Scales of Measurement / Describing Data / The Normal Curve / Standard Scores / Close-Up The Normal Curve and Psychological Tests / Everyday Psychometrics Consumer (of Graphed Data) Beware! / Self-Assessment /

4. Norms, Correlation, and Regression / Norms / Correlation and Regression / Inference from Measurement / Close-Up Almost Everything You May Want to Know About the Development of the Pearson r / Everyday Psychometrics Good Ol’ Norms and the GRE / Self-Assessment /

5. Reliability / The Concept of Reliability / Reliability Estimates / Using and Interpreting a Coefficient of Reliability / Reliability and Individual Scores / Close-Up The Reliability of the Bayley Scales for Infant Development / Everyday Psychometrics The Reliability Defense and the Breathalyzer Test / Self-Assessment /

6. Validity / The Concept of Validity / Content Validity / Criterion-Related Validity / Construct Validity / Validity, Bias, and Fairness / Close-Up Base Rates and Predictive Validity / Everyday Psychometrics Adjustment of Test Scores by Group Membership: Fairness in Testing or Foul Play? / Self-Assessment /

7. Test Development / Test Conceptualization / Test Construction / Test Tryout / Item Analysis / Test Revision / Close-Up Anatomy of the Development of a Test: The Personality Research Form / Everyday Psychometrics Psychometrics in the Classroom / Self-Assessment


8. Intelligence and Its Measurement / What Is Intelligence? / Measuring Intelligence / Intelligence: Some Issues / A Perspective / Everyday Psychometrics The Bell Curve Controversy / Close-Up _Culture-Fair/Culture-Loaded / Self-Assessment /

9. Tests of Intelligence / The Stanford-Binet: Fourth Edition / The Wechsler Tests / Other Measures of Intelligence / Close-Up How We Used Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Test the Structure of the WISC-III, by Timothy Z. Keith, Ph.D. and E. Lea Witta, Ph.D. / Everyday Psychometrics The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB): A Test You Can Take / Self-Assessment /

10. Preschool and Educational Assessment / Preschool Assessment / Achievement Tests / Aptitude Tests / Diagnostic Tests / Psychoeducational Test Batteries / Other Tools of Assessment in Educational Settings / Close-Up Tests of Minimum Competency / Everyday Psychometrics Adapting to Adaptive Testing: The Case of the GRE / Self-Assessment


11. Personality Assessment: An Overview / Personality and Personality Assessment Defined / Personality Assessment: Some Basic Questions / Personality Assessment and Culture / Tools of Test Development / Issues and Trends in Personality Assessment / Close-Up The Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R), by Paul T. Costa, Jr., Ph.D. and Robert R. McCrae, Ph.D. / Everyday Psychometrics Assessing Acculturation and Related Variables / Self-Assessment /

12. Personality Assessment Methods / Objective Methods / Projective Methods / Behavioral Assessment Methods / A Perspective / Close-Up Developing Norms for a Projective Test, by Glen Roberts, Ph.D. / Everyday Psychometrics Confessions of a Behavior Rater / Self-Assessment / part v. testing and assessment in action /

13. Clinical and Counseling Assessment / An Overview / The Interview / Case History Data / Psychological Tests / Special Applications of Clinical Measures / The Psychological Report / Close-Up The DSM-IV / Everyday Psychometrics Assessment of Dangerousness and the Secret Service /

14. Neuropsychological Assessment / The Nervous System and Behavior / The Neuropsychological Examination / Tools of Neuropsychological Assessment / Neuropsychological Test Batteries / A Perspective / Close-Up The Daubert Standard and Fixed Versus Flexible Neuropsychological Test Batteries /

15. The Assessment of People with Disabilities / An Overiview / Assessment and Specific Disabilities / Disability as a Diversity Issue / Close-Up A Modest Proposal for a Model Form / Everyday Psychometrics Public Law 105-17 and Everyday Practice / Self-Assessment /

16. Assessment, Careers, and Business / Career Counseling / Screening, Selection, Classification, and Placement / Assessment of Productivity, Motivation, and Attitude / Other Applications of Assessment / Close-Up Validity Generalization and the GATB / Everyday Psychometrics Designing Survey Research Questionnaires / Self-Assessment /

17. Computer-Assisted Psychological Assessment / An Overview / Computer Input / Computer Output / Issues in CAPA / Close-Up Designing an Item Bank / Everyday Psychometrics Computer-Assisted Behavioral Assessment / References / Credits / Name Index / Subject Index