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Tables of Contents for Digital Rights Management
Chapter/Section Title
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Part I: The Business of DRM.
Chapter 1: Where We Came From: Content Rights in the Predigital World.
Chapter 2: Bits and Nets: New Businesses, New Possibilities.
Chapter 3: Help from the Government: Law and Technology.
Part II: The Technology of DRM. Chapter 4: Rights Models: Representing Rights as Bits.
Chapter 5: DRM Building Blocks: Protecting and Tracking Content.
Chapter 6: Technology Standards: Leveling the Playing Field.
Chapter 7: Proprietary Core Technologies: The Heavyweights.
Part III: DRM Solutions: Putting It All Together.
Chapter 8: Get What You Need: Determining Requirements.
Chapter 9: Implementation Options: Build, Buy, Integrate, and Outsource.
Chapter 10: Plug and Play: Integrating DRM.
Chapter 11: Additional DRM Solutions.
Chapter 12: DRM-Related Solutions.
Chapter 13: Epilogue: The Future of DRM.