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Tables of Contents for Fireworks 4 Bible
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
Page Count
PART I: Seeing the Fireworks.
Chapter 1: Welcome to Fireworks.
Chapter 2: Understanding the Interface.
Chapter 3: Customizing Your Environment.
Chapter 4: Setting Up Documents.
PART II: Mastering the Tools.
Chapter 5: Creating Vector Objects.
Chapter 6: Working with Bitmaps.
Chapter 7: Managing Color.
Chapter 8: Choosing Strokes.
Chapter 9: Structuring Paths.
Chapter 10: Composing with Text.
PART III: Achieving Effects.
Chapter 11: Using Fills and Textures.
Chapter 12: Creating Live Effects and Xtras.
Chapter 13: Arranging and Compositing Objects.
PART IV: Coordinating Workflow.
Chapter 14: Capturing and Importing.
Chapter 15: Exporting and Optimizing.
Chapter 16: Working with Fireworks Styles.
Chapter 17: Using Symbols and Libraries.
Chapter 18: Updating and Maintaining Web Graphics.
Chapter 19: Automating Workflow with Commands and the History Panel.
PART V: Entering the Web.
Chapter 20: Mastering Image Maps and Slices.
Chapter 21: Activating Fireworks with Behaviors.
Chapter 22: Integrating with Dreamweaver.
PART VI: Animating with Fireworks.
Chapter 23: Applying Animation Techniques.
Chapter 24: Animating Banner Ads.
PART VII: Programming with Fireworks.
Chapter 25: Customizing Fireworks.
Chapter 26: Enjoying the Fireworks API.
Appendix A: A Web Primer.
Appendix B: Keyboard Shortcuts.
Appendix C: What's On the CD-ROM.
Hungry Minds End-User License Agreement.
CD-ROM Installation Instructions.