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1 Swelcome Home! An Introduction to the Dream-Pad Tour

2 Feather Your Love Nest A Chick's Coop Has Gotta Have Some Cock-a-doodle-do

3 Design for a Livin' Room Thinking Out of the Four-Wall Box

4 Waterworlds A Swell Bathroom Is Good Clean Fun

5 Kitchen Aid Don't Let the Appliances Do the Talking

6 Dining In Where You Always Have the Best Seat in the House

7 Smooth Transitions Hallways, Foyers, Doors, and Windows Keep a Swell House on the Move

8 Indoors Out and Outdoors In In a Swell Dwelling, You Don't Know Where the House Ends and the Rest of the World Begins

9 Thanks for Stoping By A Few Last Words