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Preface to the 2003 Edition Preface to the First Edition: From Lean Production to Lean Enterprise

PART I: LEAN PRINCIPLES Introduction: Lean Thinking versus Muda 1. Value 2. The Value Stream 3. Flow 4. Pull 5. Perfection

PART II: FROM THINKING TO ACTION: THE LEAN LEAP 6. The Simple Case 7. A Harder Case 8. The Acid Test 9. Lean Thinking versus German Technik 10. Mighty Toyota; Tiny Showa 11. An Action Plan

PART III: LEAN ENTERPRISE 12. A Channel for the Stream; a Valley for the Channel 13. Dreaming About Perfection

PART IV: EPILOGUE 14. The Steady Advance of Lean Thinking 15. Institutionalizing the Revolution

Afterword: The Lean Network Appendix: Individuals and Organizations Who Helped Glossary Notes Bibliography Index