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Tables of Contents for Real Followers
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A Foreword for All Readers
A Foreword for Pastors
Invitation to a Journey: How God's Community Changed One Life
Do you want to be part of a God movement? You need to be challenged to take God at face value. But you can't make this journey alone. You need the camaraderie of a faith community that is significantly engaged in contemporary culture but not sold out to it. You will find help from a radical community of real followers who get honest with God.
God Speaks Today---Are You Listening?
God still speaks today. In fact, God is speaking now. When God moves, are you willing to move? When God stops, are you willing to stop? Are you ready?
God--More Than a Preference
We seek safe gods--the kind who will bring us to a comfortable place, who will reduce risk and help us achieve our desired futures. There is a self-serving religion masquerading as Christianity, and it is cultural and counterfeit. You should check it out because you might be serving another god.
God Created You for a Unique Mission
We have been taught that life centers around self-focus: what I want, where I want to be, what I want to achieve, and what I want to have. That's the worldview of the predominant culture. But as you nurture God's thoughts and network with God's people, you will move in a direction counter to the rest of the culture because you will be surrendered to a God-focus.
Experiencing the Power of Amazing Grace
Today's culture of ``ungrace'' is a perfectionist one where value is tied to appearance and performance. As a follower of Christ, we are not accepted by God because we are right or good. We are accepted by God because we are forgiven. To what extent are you living in forgiveness?
``God-Sizing'' Your Visions and Dreams
When you order lunch, certain restaurants ask if you want your order supersized. Likewise, when you dream about your life purpose, make sure you ``God-size'' it. Faith communities are here not to help you articulate a vision for personal success and a plan for getting rich, but to help you grasp a picture of God's future for your life. The issue isn't about bringing Jesus into our plans and dreams. It's about surrendering our plan for God's intent.
Take the Plunge Right Here, Right Now
The Christian life is radical. It can't be simulated. It is not something you can ease into. It costs everything. When we say the word church we usually refer to a building, not to a radical group of people who have been invaded by the presence of God. When we say Jesus Christ, we don't typically think about somebody who is radical. Instead we envision someone who is well-mannered and tame. Jesus was anything but tame, and he wasn't afraid to call a pile of manure just what it was.
Bigger Barns and Other Obstacles to Really Following
Our culture has confused us; acquiring has replaced enjoying. We think we find life in acquiring gifts from God rather than enjoying the presence of God. Jesus called it the bigger barn syndrome. We need to be able to enjoy the nice things that God gives us, but the gifts must not become rival gods who begin to drain life energy from us.
Life Is Not About Getting What You Want
You and I act as if our most important need is for safety and security. But real life does not come from getting what we want. Jesus did not choose worldly power and prestige over a cross. Instead, Jesus found his destiny by following God's mission.
Do Not Try This Alone
God's reality checks remind us that we cannot control life. If you live your life passionately for Jesus Christ, only then will you truly live. Is this the kind of future to which you've said ``yes''?
Spirit Led, Not Success Driven
Sometimes our goals are right, but our motivation is wrong because it's tied to ladder climbing. Jesus didn't say, ``Invite me into your dreams and ambitions.'' He said, in essence, ``Go with me into mine.'' If I am following Jesus, I have to exchange my wish lists for his.
Are You Ready to Be Fully Honest with God?
Any time you allow inconsistency to exist on the inside, you cramp the connection between your spirit and Christ's spirit. Until you stop lying to God, you can never become who God created you to be. Instead, if Jesus Christ is really in control, he will use you to re-colonize planet Earth with a radical counterculture group of people who will embody the kingdom of God.
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