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"Sleeping with Baby, December" by Kelly Averill-Savino Introduction by William Sears, M.D.

1. What Is Attachment Parenting? Why Is It Called Attachment Parenting? What's in the Attachment Parenting Toolkit? Attachment Parenting: The Rest of the Story The Very Best Attachment Parenting Resources

2. The Pregnant Parent's Guide to Planning for Attachment Working Through Personal Issues: Dumping Your Own Attachment-Inhibiting Baggage How Were You Parented? The Very Best Resources for Moving Past Your Own Childhood and Becoming an Attachment Parent Second Time Parents, First Time Attachment Parents Your Personal Touch-O-Meter When You and Your Partner Disagree (Not) Shopping for Baby: Why Attachment Parents Don't Need All That Baby Gear Items You Will Definitely Want Items You Might Need or Enjoy Having Items You Might Not Need (or at least should consider carefully before acquiring) The Very Best Attachment Parenting Retail Resources Planning to Breastfeed...Instead of Planning to Try to Breastfeed Ten Things That Every Expectant Parent Needs to Know About Breastfeeding Doctor Shopping: Choosing Your Baby's Health Care Provider The Very Best Children's Health Care Guides

3. Attachment Parenting Your Newborn Your Birth Setting The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Baby Arrives! Rooming In: Because New Parents Need Their Babies and New Babies Need Their Parents Gentle Care for Your Newborn Consider Not Circumcising Your Baby The Very Best Resources for Learning More About Circumcision Bonding After a Cesarean Birth Have Your Partner Present for Your C-section Breastfeed Your Baby as Soon as Possible After Birth Enlist Help with Rooming In Stay with Your Baby If She Can't Stay with You (When Your New Baby Needs Special Care) Tricia's Tried and True Tips for Attachment Parenting Your Hospitalized Preemie

4. Making the Breast vs. Bottle Choice Breastfeeding Isn't "Better"; It's Just Normal: A New Way of Thinking About Infant Feeding Choices The Breast-Bottle Decision and Your Baby's Health There's Just Something About Breastmilk.... So What About Infant Formula? The Breast-Bottle Decision and Your Health "But I Wasn't Breastfed and I'm Just Fine!" Wow! Why Don't Doctors Tell You This Stuff?! The Role of Infant Formula Manufacturers The Story of the "WHO Code" Become a Lactivist!: The Very Best Resources for Learning More About Breastfeeding Advocacy Chapter Endnotes, including medical research on infant feeding issues

5. Breastfeeding: Much More Than Food Breastfeeding and Attachment: Your Biological Connection with Your Nursling Breastfeeding and the Pleasure Principle How Does Your Baby Experience Breastfeeding? Supply and Demand: You and Your Baby in Sync Why Do So Many Women Believe That They "Don't Have Enough Milk" for Their Babies? How Can I Be Sure My Breastfed Baby Is Getting Enough Milk? Cloth Diapering The Very Best Resources for Cloth-Diapering Parents Learning How to Breastfeed The Very Best Resources for Learning How to Breastfeed What Is La Leche League? When Breastfeeding Is a Challenge Breastfeeding and Guilt Slaying the Most Common Breastfeeding Myths Breastfeeding Multiples: One Mother's Experience Cue-feeding: Breastfeeding Success, Attachment, and Convenience...All Rolled into One The Problem with Parent-Directed Schedule-Feeding The Difference Between Breastfeeding and Nursing Your Child Breastfeeding in Public The Breastfeeding Father Nursing Your Bottle-Fed Baby

6. Attachment Parenting All Through the Night Desperately Seeking Sleep...and Finding It Right in Your Own Bed How Humans Sleep The Many Benefits of Family Sleep Sharing The Family Bed: A How-To Manual Safety and the Family Bed Sleeping with Your Baby May Prevent SIDS Questions About the Family Bed Infant Sleep: What's "Normal"? Sleeping Through the Night: Don't Rush It (Yes, you read that correctly!) Nighttime Parenting Gentle Weaning from the Family Bed: One Family's Story Sleep Problems The Very Best Resources for Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems Please, Please, Please Don't "Ferberize" Your Baby But Do the "Cry It Out" Techniques "Work"?

7. The Working Parent's Guide to Attachment Parenting Your Baby's Need for You and Your Decision Whether or Not to Work To Work or Not to Work? That Is the Question Keep Your Options (and Your Mind) Open! Working Parent/Attachment Parent Breastfeeding and the Working Mother Breastfeeding on the Job: The Basics Creating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace The Very Best Resources for Working, Breastfeeding Mothers The Attachment Parent's Guide to Childcare The Attachment ParentingÐFriendly Caregiver Creating Community for Your Child The Critical Importance of Consistency in Caregiving Child-Caregiver Ratio Attachment Grandparenting Don't Settle The Very Best Childcare Resources for Attachment Parents Money, Money, Money Paradigm Busting: New Ways to Work for Attachment Parents

8. To Have and to Hold Baby-Carrying Around the Globe Why Don't We Carry and Hold Our Babies? Our Untouched Babies Artificial Baby-Containers Can a Baby Be Held or Carried "Too Much"? The Many Benefits of Wearing Your Baby Which Baby Carrier Is Right for You? Safety Tips for Baby-Wearing Parents

9. Breastfeeding Past the First Year I've Never Seen a Nursing Toddler; Is It "Normal" to Breastfeed Past the First Year? Breastfeeding Duration Around the World A Natural Duration for Breastfeeding? The Growing Popularity of Sustained Breastfeeding Sustained Breastfeeding and Your Child's Health Sustained Breastfeeding and Your Health Mothering Your Older Nursling What's It Really Like to Breastfeed Past the First Year? Dealing with the Opinions of Others The Very Best Resources for Parents of Older Nurslings Nursing Through Pregnancy Tandem Nursing Weaning: Upward and Onward!