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Tables of Contents for Psychology Applied to Modern Life
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
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PART ONE: The Dynamics of Adjustment
Adjusting to Modern Life
Application: Improving Academic Performance
Theories of Personality
Application: Assessing Your Personality
Stress and Its Effects
Application: Monitoring Your Stress
Coping Processes
Application: Achieving Self-Control
PART TWO: The Interpersonal Realm
The Self
Application: Building Self-Esteem
Social Cognition and Social Influence
Application: Seeing Through Compliance Tactics
Interpersonal Communication
Application: Developing an Assertive Communication Style
Friendship and Love
Application: Understanding Date Rape
Marriage and Intimate Relationships
Application: Understanding Intimate Violence
PART THREE: Developmental Transitions
Gender and Behavior
Application: Bridging The Gender Gap in Communication
Development in Adolescence and Adulthood
Application: Becoming an Effective Parent
Careers and Work
Application: Getting Ahead in the Job Game
Development and Expression of Sexuality
Application: Enhancing Sexual Relationships
PART FOUR: Mental and Physical Health
Psychology and Physical Health
Application: Understanding the Effects of Drugs
Psychological Disorders
Application: Understanding Eating Disorders
Application: Looking For a Therapist
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