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Tables of Contents for David Levy's Guide to Observing and Discovering Comets
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
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Part I. Why Observe Comets?: 1. Of history, superstition, magic, and science
2. Comet science progresses
Part II. Discovering Comets: 3. Comet searching begins
4. Tails and trails
5. Comet searching in the twentieth century
6. How I search for comets
7. Searching for comets photographically
8. Searching for comets with CCDs
9. Comet hunting by reading
10. Hunting for sungrazers over the Internet
11. What to do when you think you've found a comet
Part III. A New Way of Looking at Comets: 12. When comets hit planets
13. The future of visual comet hunting
Part IV. How to Observe Comets: 14. An introduction to comet hunting
15. Visual observing of comets
16. Estimating the magnitude of a comet
17. Taking a picture of a comet
18. Measuring where a comet is in the sky
Part V. Closing Notes: 19. My passion for comets.