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Tables of Contents for The Figured Landscapes of Rock-art
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1. Pictures in place: approaches to the figured landscapes of rock-art Christopher Chippindale and George Nash
Part I. Principles of Landscape and Rock-Art in Practice: 2. Worlds within stone: the inner and outer rock-art landscapes of northern Australia and southern Africa Paul S. C. Taç
on and Sven Ouzman
3. Rock-art, landscape, sacred places: attitudes in contemporary archaeological theory Daniel Arsenault
4. Locational analysis in rock-art studies William D. Hyder
5. From millimetre up to kilometre: a framework of space and of scale for reporting and studying rock-art in its landscape Christopher Chippindale
6. The canvas as the art: landscape-analysis of the rock-art panel James D. Keyser and George Poetschat
7. The landscape setting of rock-painting sites in the Brandberg (Namibia): infrastructure, Gestaltung, use and meaning Tilman Lenssen-Erz
Part II. Informed Methods: Opportunities and Applications: 8. Rock-art and the experienced landscape: the emergence of late-Holocene symbolism in north-east Australia Bruno David
9. Linkage between rock-art and landscape in Aboriginal Australia Josephine Flood
10. Places of power: the placement of Dinwoody petroglyphs across the Wyoming landscape Lawrence Loendorf
11. Friends in low places: rock-art and landscape on the Modoc Plateau David S. Whitley, Johannes H. N. Loubser and Don Hann
12. Dangerous ground: a critique of landscape in rock-art studies Benjamin W. Smith and Geoffrey Blundell
Part III. Formal Methods: Opportunities and Applications: 13. Landscapes in rock-art: rock-carving and ritual in the old European North Knut Helskog
14. From natural settings to spiritual places in the Algonkian sacred landscape: an archaeological, ethnohistorical, and ethnographic analysis of Canadian Shield rock-art sites Daniel Arsenault
15. The topographic engravings of Alpine rock-art: fields, settlements and agricultural landscapes Andrea Arcà
Part IV. Pictures of Pictures: 16. Walking through landscape: a photographic essay of the Campo Lameiro Valley, Galicia, north-western Spain George Nash, Lindsey Nash and Christopher Chippindale.