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Tables of Contents for Classical Covariant Field Theory
Chapter/Section Title
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Part I. Fields: 1. Introduction
2. The electromagnetic field
3. Field parameters
4. The action principle
5. Classical field dynamics
6. Statistical interpretation of the field
7. Examples and applications
Part II. Groups and Fields: 8. Field transformations
9. Spacetime transformations
10. Kinematical and dynamical transformations
11. Position and momentum
12. Charge and current
13. The non-relativistic limit
14. Unified kinematics and dynamics
15. Epilogue: quantum field theory
Part III. Reference: A Compendium of Fields: 16. Gallery of definitions
17. The Schrö
dinger field
18. The real Klein Gordon field
19. The complex Klein Gordon field
20. The Dirac field
21. The Maxwell radiation field
22. The massive Proca field
23. Non-Abelian fields
24. Chern-Simons theories
25. Gravity as a field theory
Part IV. Appendices.