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Tables of Contents for The Cambridge Companion to Lacan
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1. Lacan's turns to Freud Jean-Michel Rabaté
2. The mirror-stage: an obliterated archive Elisabeth Roudinesco
3. Lacan's myths Darian Leader
4. Lacan's science of the subject: between linguistics and topology Danny Nobus
5. From the letter to the matheme: Lacan's scientific models Bernard Burgoyne
6. The paradoxes of the symptom in psychoanalysis Colette Soler
7. Desire and jouissance in the teachings of Lacan Nestor Braunstein
8. Lacan and philosophy Charles Shepherdson
9. Lacan's Marxism, Marxism's Lacan (from Zizek to Althusser) Joe Valente
10. Ethics and tragedy in Lacan Alenka Zupancic
11. A Lacanian approach to the logic of perversion Judith Feher-Gurewich
12. What is a Lacanian clinic? Diana Rabinovitch
13. Beyond the phallus: Lacan and feminism Deborah Luepnitz
14. Lacan and queer theory Tim Dean
15. Lacan's afterlife: Jacques Lacan meets Andy Warhol Catherine Liu
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