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Tables of Contents for Special Functions
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1. The Gamma and Beta functions
2. The hypergeometric functions
3. Hypergeometric transformations and identities
4. Bessel functions and confluent hypergeometric functions
5. Orthogonal polynomials
6. Special orthogonal transformations
7. Topics in orthogonal polynomials
8. The Selberg integral and its applications
9. Spherical harmonics
10. Introduction to q-series
11. Partitions
12. Bailey chains
Appendix 1. Infinite products
Appendix 2. Summability and fractional integration
Appendix 3. Asymptotic expansions
Appendix 4. Euler-Maclaurin summation formula
Appendix 5. Lagrange inversion formula
Appendix 6. Series solutions of differential equations.