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Tables of Contents for Conflict of Laws
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
Page Count
Table of statutes
Table of cases
Part I. General Principles: 1. Introduction
2. Characteristics of the English conflict of laws
3. Choice of law rules
4. Proof of foreign law
5. Domicile and residence
6. Substance and procedure
Part II. Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments: 7. Jurisdiction of the English courts
8. Staying of English actions and restraint of foreign proceedings
9. Foreign judgments
10. Jurisdiction and judgments in the EU
11. Arbitration
Part III. Law of Obligations: 12. Contact
13. Tort
Part IV. Property and Successions: 14. Property inter vivos
15. Succession
16. Matrimonial property relations
17. Trusts
Part V. Family Law: 18. Marriage
19. Matrimonial causes
20. Children
Guardianship, custody and other orders
Legitimacy and legitimation
Declarations as to status
Part VI. Exclusion and Foreign Laws: 21. Public policy
Part VII. Theoretical Considerations: 22. Reasons for and basis of the conflict laws
23. Public international law and the conflict of laws.