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Tables of Contents for Books and the Sciences in History
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Introduction: books and sciences Marina Frasca-Spada and Nick Jardine
Part I. Triumphs of the Book: 1. Books and sciences before print Rosamond McKitterick
2. Printing the world Jerry Brotton
3. Geniture collections, origins and uses of a genre Anthony Grafton
4. Annotating and indexing natural philosophy Ann Blair
5. Illustrating nature Sachiko Kusukawa
6. Astronomical books and courtly communication Adam Mosley
7. Reading for the philosophers' stone Lauren Kassell
8. Writing and talking of exotic animals Silvia De Renzi
Part II. Learned and Conversable Reading: 9. Compendious footnotes Marina Frasca-Spada
10. On the bureaucratic plots of the research library William Clark
11. Encyclopaedic knowledge Richard Yeo
12. Periodical literature Thomas Broman
13. Natural philosophy for fashionable readers Mary Terrall
14. Rococo readings of the book of nature Emma Spary
15. Young readers and the sciences Aileen Fyfe
16. The physiology of reading Adrian Johns
Part III. Publication in the Age of Science: 17. A textbook revolution Jonathan Topham
18. Useful knowledge for export Eugenia Roldà
n Vera
19. Editing a hero of modern science Lisa Jardine and Alan Stewart
20. Progress in print James Secord
Afterwords: Books, texts, and the making of knowledge Nick Jardine
The past, present, and future of the scientific book Adrian Johns
Notes on contributors.