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Tables of Contents for Disorders of Voluntary Muscle
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Foreword Lord Walton of Detchant
Part I. Scientific Basis of Muscle Disease: 1. The structure and function of motor units Robert E. Burke
2. Developmental biology of skeletal muscle Jeffrey B. Miller
3. The molecular and cellular biology of muscle Susan C. Brown, Frank S. Walsh and George Dickson
4. The molecular basis of muscle disease Louise V. B. Anderson
5. Mitochondria Eric A. Shoubridge
6. The sarcotubular system Kimby N. Barton and David H. MacLennan
7. The extracellular matrix of skeletal muscle Paul C. Holland and Salvatore Carbonetto
8. Aspects of skeletal muscle biochemistry in health and disease John M. Land
9. The neuromuscular junction and neuromuscular transmission Angela Vincent
10. The pathophysiology of excitation in skeletal muscle Robert L. Barchi
11. Animal models of human muscle disease Barry J. Cooper
Part II. Methods of Investigation of Muscle Disease: 12. Applied physiology of muscle Eric L. Logigian and Richard L. Barbano
13. Histochemistry and immunocytochemistry of muscle in health and disease Caroline A. Sewry and Victor Dubowitz
14. Muscle pathology on semithin resin sections Stirling Carpenter
15. Electron microscopy in the study of normal and diseased muscle Stirling Carpenter
16. Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy of muscle D. J. Taylor, J. L. Fleckenstein and R. Lodi
Part III. Description of Muscle Disease: 17. The examination and investigation of the patient with muscle disease David Hilton-Jones and John T. Kissel
18. The classification of muscle diseases Michael H. Brooke
19. Dystrophinopathies Eric P. Hoffman
20. Limb-girdle muscular dystrophies Jean-Claude Kaplan, Jacques S. Beckmann and Michel Fardeau
21. Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy Rabi Tawil and Robert C. Griggs
22. Distal myopathies Richard J. Barohn and Robert C. Griggs
23. Emery-Dreifuss dystrophy Kiichi Arahata
24. Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy Bernard Brais
25. Congenital muscular dystrophies Thomas Voit
26. Congenital myopathies Hans H. Goebel
27. Myotonic dystrophy Peter S. Harper
28. The metabolic myopathies Richard T. Moxley III, Patrick Chinnery and Douglas Turnbull
29. Oxidative phosphorylation diseases of muscle John M. Shoffner and Eric Shoubridge
30. Ion channel disorders of muscle Louis J. Ptá
cek and Saï
d Bendahhou
31. Inflammatory myopathies Marinos C. Dalakos and George Karpati
32. Myasthenia gravis and myasthenic syndromes: autoimmune and genetic disorders John Newsom-Davis and David Beeson
33. Toxic and iatrogenic myopathies and neuromuscular transmission disorders Zohar Argov, Henry J. Kaminski, Ali Al-Mudallal and Robert L. Ruff
34. Painful muscle syndromes Russell Lane
Part IV. The Principles of Management of Muscle Disease: 35. Genetic counselling in muscle disease K. Bushby
36. The principles of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation: perspectives on future treatment Giovanni Meola, George Karpati and R. C. Griggs