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Tables of Contents for Tradition and Contexts in the Poetry of Horace
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1. Horace's birthday and deathday Arnold Bradshaw
2. Epode 1: Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur Ian M. Le M. DuQuesnay
3. Dreaming about Quirinus: Horace's Satires and the development of Augustan poetry James E. G. Zetzel
4. Biformis vates: the Odes, Catullus and Greek lyric Tony Woodman
5. The Odes: just where do you draw the line? Alan Griffiths
6. A wine jar for Messalla (Carmina 3.21) R. G. M. Nisbet
7. Feminine endings, lyric seductions Ellen Oliensis
8. The uniqueness of the Carmen Saeculare and its tradition Alessandro Barchiesi
9. Solus sapiens liber est: recommissioning lyric in Epistles Book 1 Kirk Freudenburg
10. Epistles 1: poetry, philosophy, politics John Moles
11. Horace, Cicero and Augustus, or the poet statesman at Epistles 2.1.165 Michè
le Lowrie
12. Una cum scriptore meo: poetry, principate and the traditions of literary history Denis Feeney
13. Epilogue.