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Tables of Contents for Commemorating Poussin
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Introduction: 'Pour la Gloire de France et l'Honneur des Arts': commemorating Poussin c. 1780-1995 Katie Scott
1. Poussin's thoughts on painting Thomas Puttfarken
2. Nicolas Poussin: 'Peintre-Poè
te?' Claire Pace
3. Poussin's Ecstasy of St Paul: Charles Le Brun's 'over-interpretation' Charles Dempsey
4. Nicolas Poussin and the art of history Genevieve Warwick
5. Painting for the French: Poussin, the Fronde and the politics of difficulty Todd Olson
6. Poussin's giants: from Romanticism to Surrealism Richard Verdi
7. Anthony Blunt's Nicholas Poussin in context Michael Kitson