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Tables of Contents for Convergence and Persistence in Corporate Governance
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Introduction Jeffrey N. Gordon and Mark J. Roe
Part I. System Issues: 1. The end of history for corporate law Henry Hansmann and Reinier Kraakman
2. A theory of path dependence in corporate ownership and governance Lucian A. Bebchuk and Mark J. Roe
3. Path dependence, corporate governance and complementarity Reinhard H. Schmidt and Gerald Spindler
4. Convergence of form or function Ronald Gilson
Part II. Government Players: 5. The international relations wedge in corporate convergence Jeffrey N. Gordon
6. Property rights in firms Curtis Milhaupt
7. Modern politics and ownership separation Mark J. Roe
Part III. Specific Institutions: 8. Norms and corporate convergence David Charny
9. Ungoverned production Charles Sabel
10. Substantive law and its enforcement Gé
rard Hertig
11. Cross-holding in the Japanese keiretsu J. Mark Ramseyer