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Tables of Contents for Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government
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1. The terminal date of Caesar's Gallic proconsulate
Part I. Tudor Politics: 2. Renaissance monarchy?
3. Henry VII: rapacity and remorse
4. Henry VII: a restatement
5. The King of Hearts
6. Cardinal Wolsey
7. Thomas More, councillor
8. Sir Thomas More and the opposition to Henry VIII
9. King or minister? the man behind the Henrician Reformation
10. Thomas Cromwell's decline and fall
11. The good duke
12. Queen Elizabeth
Part II. Tudor Government: 13. The problems and significance of administrative history in the Tudor period
14. The rule of law in sixteenth-century England
15. State planning in early-Tudor England
16. Henry VII's council
17. Government by edict?
18. Why the history of the Early Tudor council remains unwritten
19. Henry VIII's Act of Proclamations
20. The Elizabethan exchequer: war in the receipt
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