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Tables of Contents for Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government
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Part I. Papers: 33. Tudor government: the points of contact
34. The materials of Parliamentary history
35. parliament in the sixteenth century: functions and fortunes
36. Politics and the pilgrimage of grace
37. Taxation for War and peace in Early-Tudor England
38. Reform and the 'Commonwealth-Men' of Edward VI's reign
39. Arthur Hall, Lord Burghley and the antiquity of Parliament
40. English law in the sixteenth century: reform in an age of change
41. Crime and the historian
42. England and the continent in the sixteenth century
43. England und die oberdeutsche reform
44. Contentment and discontent on the eve of colonization
45. Thomas More
46. Thomas Cromwell redivivus
47. J. A. Froude and his history of England
48. The Historian's social function
Part II. Reviews
General index
Index of authors cited.