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Tables of Contents for Camdex-R
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Boxed set includes the schedule manual, a pc data input diskette, the CAMCOG pictorial material. Schedule manual content: 1. Introduction
2. Description of the schedule
3. The CAMDEX schedule
4. CAMDEX operational diagnostic criteria
5. Guidelines for classifying dementia according to clinical severity
6. Items from CAMDEX for arriving at various measures of severity of cognitive impairment
7. Items from CAMDEX relevant to various diagnostic criteria and diagnostic scales
8. CAMCOG detailed description and socio-demographic data
9. Abridged version of CAMDEX 1986 paper. Diskette content: A set of easy-to-use programs including: 1. Data-entry programs for all CAMDEX-R sections with built-in data validation
2. Programs to calculate scores and other derived variables, and print out summary sheets
3. A data browser
4. A utility to output entered data in formats used by popular statistical packages.