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Tables of Contents for North-South Linkages and International Macroeconomic Policy
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North-South linkages and international macroeconomic policy: an overview David Vines and David Currie
Part I. Trade Linkages: The Elastic Debate: 2. NIE export performance revisited: the estimation of export demand elasticities, and the role of product differentiation and growth
Vito Antonio Muscatelli
3. Export growth and the terms of trade: the case of the curious elasticities
Part II. Trade Linkages: Commodities: 4. Economic activity and commodity prices: theory and evidence Annalasia Cristini
DiscussionVito Antonio Muscatelli
Part III. Convergence and Growth Linkages: 5. Convergence and growth linkages between North and SouthJohn F. Helliwell and Alan Chung
Discussion Fabrizio Zilibotti
Part IV. Open Economy Macro and Adjustment in the South: 6. Analysing external adjustment in developing counties: a macroeconomic frameworkChris Allen, T. G. Srinivasan, and David Vines
7. Dynamic response to external shocks in Classical and Keynesian economiesKlaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serven
DiscussionDavid Currie
Part V. Global Scenarios: 8. Macroeconomic effects on developing countries of shocks in the OECD: evidence from multicountry models Ralph C. Bryant and Warwick J. McKibbin
9. Macroeconomic linkages between the OECD and the Asia-Pacific region Warwick J. McKibbin and Mark W. Sundberg
10. MULTIMOD simulations of the effects on developing countries of decreasing military spending Tamim Bayoumi, Daniel Hewitt, and Steven Symansky
11. Effects of a rise in G-7 real interest rates on developing countries Christian E. Petersen and T. G. Srinivasan
12. Quantifying North-South interdependencies with MCM simulationJ aime Marquez
Discussion Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion
13. The consequences of US fiscal actions in a global model with alternative assumptions about the exchange regime in developing countries Ralph C. Bryant and Charles Chukwuma Soludo.